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At American Insurance Agency, our primary goal is to ensure that everyone gets access to affordable coverage on health insurance.


Our team strives to live up to your expectation by providing the most comprehensive and top notch health insurance solutions.


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American Insurance Agency, I am grateful for having a variety of choices for my health insurance. Having someone to explain Obamacare choices as well as other options that covered what I needed as a self-employed individual. I like being given the option to pick the plan that fits my medical and financial situation. I am glad to have several options to choose from.

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When it comes to choosing the right health insurance plan, many of us tend to be overwhelmed trying to figure out the different features and benefits of each plan. The entire process seems to be extremely challenging and always gets pushed off to the last minute. This is where we come in. Our team helps you to understand the leading market plans, and figures out which one will work best for your needs. We will always be available to you in order to ensure that all of your questions are answered and you get the plan that you are looking forward to.

The primary aim of our company is to meet the needs of our customers. So we make it a point to offer personalized solutions. You are not just a number to us, you are a real person with real needs. Because of this, we ensure that all our services are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of the customers.

We have a team of experienced professionals who are experts in handling the ins and outs of the industry. The solutions we offer are not only cost-effective but also reliable. Our company is currently one of the leading players in the industry because of our affiliations with the top-notch health insurance companies throughout the country. With these extensive connections, it is easier for us to offer the most accurate advice when it comes to choosing your health insurance plan. We offer one-on-one service and provide every individual the attention they deserve. Our team also ensures that every question asked by our customers are thoroughly met and answered. When you work with us you will:

  • Get free health insurance quotes instantly.
  • Get to compare health insurance plans and companies easily.
  • Maximize your savings by comparing the best prices on the market.
  • Get to choose the plan that is perfect for you and your family.
  • Get coverage immediately!

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